Is Augustine Diji Trustworthy?

augustine dijiLuxor Homes and Investment Realty, LLC is pleased to have the expertise and experience of Mr. Augustine Diji on board. He fulfills his role as a managing and founding member of the company by ensuring that Luxor complies with all licensing real estate rules and regulations as well as the relevant business laws of the industry. He enjoys working closely with people looking to buy or sell property. He specializes in short sale negotiations, distressed property sales and condominium conversions. Mr Augustin Ademola Diji qualified with a law degree from Case Western Reserve University’s – School of Law in the year 1994.

An entrepreneur at heart, Augustin has worked for himself for the most part of his life. He ventured into the working world at the tender age of 12 and has had many jobs since then. He’s always has the tendency to take things “a little too far” and in his words is “too smart for his own good”.

As far as his spiritual beliefs go, he has studied the Noble Eightfold Path, the Four Noble Truths and the internal Chi Gung principles which involves meditation and movement.

He was born in Accra Ghana and at the young age of 2 Augustine Ademola Diji moved to New York with his father, Dr Augustine Diji and Mother, Celestine Gavor Diji. He grew up with his only sibling, a sister, by the name of Angela Diji in the suburbs of Buffalo, New York. He also attended Catholic private school during his high school life. He also played varsity soccer and baseball in high school. Augustine graduated from the University of StonyBrook with a degree in Psychology and Economics. Augustine also graduated with a minor in Business Management. He continued to to attend the Case Western University School of Law based in Ohio, Cleveland.

Augustine Diji is very passionate about both spiritual and physical fitness and he meditates frequently. He also practices Chi Gung. His hobbies include playing chess, dancing to house music, collecting comic books, and he is an avid reader of both useful and useless online information.

Aline Restructuring Group Ltd is a real estate debt consulting firm that has assisted many homeowners facing foreclosure. Augustine is the president of Aline as well as the founder of Luxor Homes and Investment Realty,LLC, which is a Boutique Real Estate Brokerage based in the city of New York. He is a talented writer and blogger. A proud author of the book “Strategic Default. He also runs the successful blog, Augustine chose to resign after practicing real estate and business law for 16 years. The main reason for his resignation was to explore other business opportunities. He successfully overcame the 2008-2009 real estate crash and went on to become a qualified real estate investor and real estate business consultant. He currently serves his clients at Aline and continues to provide assistance to clients at Luxor Homes and Investment Realty. He is a licensed real estate agent for Luxor and helps owners of property in Manhattan and Brooklyn sell their multi-million dollar properties. Since the year 2015, Augustine Ademola Diji is the Chief Marketing Officer of a small, yet reputable New York based law firm.

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